The Black Rose Skincare & Boutique - About Sheryl B. Wine-Larrick
Sheryl Wine-Larrick, the owner of The Black Rose and it's Master Clinical Esthean,  has over 25 years in the field of cosmetics arena.  She brings to that 20 years in the  esthetics & permanent cosmetics field.
The back story on Sheryl started in pageantry work and makeup artistry.  Her own modeling career spanned over ten years both East and West coast.  Finding favorable advertisements in spa magazines, fragrance modeling and other industry modeling.  Retiring from her career in modeling she went to instruct at and become Director with the east coast Barbizon Modeling School for two years.  She then ran the local Sears Modeling & Etiquette for boys and girls on the east coast, then in southern California.  She also worked as a Talent Recruiter at The Morgan Agency in Costa Mesa, California elevating her status to work with various caliber of talent and agents in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. 
Working toward finding her own niche and wanting to do one on one work with individuals, Sheryl trained at the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in southern California.  Under the leadership of one of the elite in the field Ms. Susan Church.  After taking all elected and required classes in 1998, she was asked for a permanent position of assistant with Ms. Church for three years.
The IIPC clinic was known as the corrective facility in the USA.  Burn survivors, cancer survivors, and those who had "botched" jobs from other so called technicians came to this location for repair work.  When you have the opportunity to dramatically change the life of an individual post burn or cancer "its the ultimate rewarding job" states Mrs. Larrick.  It was while working with Ms. Church that Sheryl wanted to deepen her knowledge of skincare, seeking The Career Academy in Seal Beach, Cal.  in 1999.     Sheryl finds her joy and passion as these two careers meld into one beautiful relationship and business career.  She starts work in southern California as an independent contractor in the esthetics arena.  She works with Dr. Neda Khodi as a laser hair (removal) specialist, trained and certified in laser hair reduction.  She works with a complete Latino/Hispanic client base in the office with  Dr. Zamanian, MD.  She had a translator that assisted her in her skincare studio, while offering a wide variety of chemical peels where she did all his patients permanent cosmetics.  Also working with Dr. B.C. Moucharafieh, M.D., F.A.C.S. at The Center for Surgical Body Design in Placentia, Ca. was another credit to her permanent cosmetics skills.  Mrs. Larricks' skills are specific to damaged skin.  Skin that has had environmental abuse, stress, heredity issues, acne, stretch marks, pigmentation and more in all men, women and teens. 
Mrs. Larrick and her husband move back to the East coast in 2001.  She quickly opened her skincare studio and was also offered to teach permanent cosmetics by Ms. Church.  Sheryl continues to be the off site learning center for IIPC/Susan Church Permanent Cosmetics in Winchester, Virginia.  She loves to educate  anyone that wants to listen and has an interest in forever changing their direction in a field that is thriving, and has many rewards.  
She is never too busy to meet and speak when someone has a concern regarding their appearance or general health.  She believes "when we look better, we feel better".  She currently works with Dr. Lambert, Plastic Surgeon, who sought her out after first moving back to the East coast.  She states "we have a perfect thing going", "I hold Cosmetic Events at my location for my clients, they are comfortable at this location, love the results and leave happy."
Mrs. Larrick is NOT slowing down, she keeps her thumb on the pulse of all that is new in the skin care industry.  She is working with Health care professionals, nutrition specialist, health coaches, and the like to gain wisdom and give that insight to her clients.  She believes that "when we know better, we do better". 
Should you have any questions or concerns you can email or phone Mrs. Larrick
Business: 1.540.542.6160
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